Now that people are actually paying him to write, here is some of Allan's work.


This Favored Land – A sourcebook for the Wild Talents roleplaying game set during the War Between The States. Published in March, 2009, by Arc Dream Publishing, This Favored Land is the story of The Gifted, super-powered humans during the American Civil War. For more information, see This Favored Land on the Arc Dream web site.

Black Devils Brigade for Godlike – A full-length roleplaying campaign published in November, 2010, set in the world of Godlike, featuring the Talents of the First Special Service Force. The FSSF was a real world paratroop/amphibious/mountain commando outfit made up of Americans and Canadians. Black Devils Brigade is their story as seen through the lens of Godlike. Players take on the roles of super powered "Talents" fighting the Germans in Italy's Apennine Mountains, the plain at Anzio, and within the city of Rome itself. For more information, see Black Devils Brigade on the Arc Dream web site.

Coming Soon: The Courtyard of Hell for Godlike, interpreting the Battle of Ortona between the 1st Canadian Division and the 1st German Fallschirmjäger (Paratroop) Division.

In Progress: Operation Torch for Godlike, and the One Roll Engine samurai game set during the Onin War, The Silver Pavilion.


American Civil War Essays – Various essays about the American Civil War, including descriptions of campaigns and battles, and an army organization essay.

Scottish Castles and Ruins Essays – Essays about some Scottish castles, siege warfare, and a trip to Orkney.


"At My Chamber Door" – My first professional fiction sale. It was printed in a humour issue of On Spec magazine.


Designated Import – Allan's (irregularly updated) blog! Clicking on "Blog" anywhere on HyperBear.com will also take you to Designated Import.