Stargrunt II Related Web Sites

Stargrunt II Links

Andy Cowell's Stargrunt II Page - Includes Star Wars and Games Workshop universe variants.

Stargrunt 40,000 - An interesting site for converting Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 to Stargrunt II. - One of the best Stargrunt II sites, full of house rules, scenarios, TO&Es, etc.

Table Top Games - Andy O'Neill's wargame web site with variants for using Stargrunt II for Second World War scenarios.

Other GZG Links

Andy Cowell's Dirtside II Page - Very good DS2 site, home of Andy's Dirtside II vehicle generator.

Full Thrust Network List - Complete list of sites on the Full Thrust web ring. This is a great jumping off point.

GZG Mailing List Archive. - Roger Burton West maintains the GZG mailing list archive here.

GZG Playtest Mailing List Archive. - Roger Burton West maintains the GZG archive for the "by invitation only" GZG playtest mailing list here.

Starship Combat News - Dean Gundberg's excellent site for information on space games (miniature and otherwise).

Company Links

Eureka Miniatures - Distributor of GZG miniatures in Australia. This is the home of the excellent Club 100 and Club 300 figures (if they get pre-orders for any type of figure -- 100 orders for 25mm and 300 orders for 15mm figures -- they will put them into production), and home of the SG2 Ghurkas.

GZG Online Catalogue - This is now the official GZG online catalogue and ordering point. It started life as a list of GZG figures, but it is now a location for ordering figures online.

Stargrunt II Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists for Stargrunt II. All of these lists discuss all Ground Zero Games, including Full Thrust, Stargrunt II and Dirtside 2: