Multiple Support Weapons

One of the most frequently asked questions on the Ground Zero Games mailing list concerns the use of multiple support weapons in a squad. Can a squad have more than one support weapon (such as two SAWs, or a SAW and a plasma gun)? The answer is yes.

Multiple support weapons are not expressly prohibited in the rules. Some of the organizations in the back of the book pretty much require multiple support weapons. Modern day squads typically consist of two SAWs per squad, and without this ability you couldn't duplicate current squad structures. However, Stargrunt II doesn't have a point system, so obviously this is an easy way of making "cheesy" squads. For instance, the rules don't expressly prohibit 8 man squads armed with nothing but D10 firepower SAWs. Obviously some common sense is necessary.

To use multiple support weapons against infantry, simply add the firepower dice to the other dice rolled by the firer.

Example: you are firing a Regular squad of 6 troopers. Four troopers have FP3 assault rifles, and two troopers have D10 Firepower SAWs. You would roll D8 (quality die) + D12 (assault rifle firepower die) + D10 (first SAW firepower die) + D10 (second SAW firepower die).

Using multiple support weapons against vehicles and buildings is a little bit different. All of the support weapons fired at a specific point target using the same action must be indicated before any dice are rolled. You then resolve each hit separately.

Note that the point target is only suppressed once with this fire (exception: a second suppression marker is placed if a squad leader becomes a casualty; see the Stargrunt II rule book, page 10). Essentially, one fire action can result in only one suppression marker being placed (the only exception being the cae of wounded or killed leaders). While multiple support weapons are resolved individually, they are all still firing as the result of a single Fire Action.

Example: a Regular squad of 4 Power Armour troopers is armed entirely with plasma guns. All four are firing at an APC on their first action. The player indicates that all figures are firing. The first figure would roll a D8 (quality die) + D6 (firepower die) versus the vehicle's range die. The attack is resolved. If the vehicle is hit, place a suppression marker.If the vehicle is destroyed, there is no need to resolve more fire but the plasma guns are still considered to have fired. If the vehicle was hit but was not destroyed, resolve the next figure's fire but no further suppression markers are placed. If the vehicle was not hit with the first weapon, resolve the next figure's fire.