Vehicle Loading/Unloading Range

The Stargrunt II rules allow passengers to embark on a vehicle if the passenger unit is within 6" of the vehicle. Likewise, when a passenger unit disembarks a vehicle, it can be placed within 6" of the vehicle. This doesn't take into account the speed of the passenger or the terrain. As written, a unit could technically disembark over unpassable terrain. This is an obviously cheesy move, but consider this: you are allowed to move a vehicle up to a set of woods and disembark infantry, with a D6 movement rate, 6" into the woods. An infantry unit with D6 movement standing beside the vehicle could only move 3" into the woods.

This rule replaces the 6" load/unload range.

When loading, a passenger unit must be within one regular move action of the transport vehicle. The passenger unit must take terrain into account. If the unit could not move to the centre of the vehicle, it is not allowed to load onto the vehicle.

When unloading, the passenger unit is allowed to make a regular move, measured from the centre of the transport vehicle. Terrain must be taken into account.