Assault From In Position

The rules for a squad charging into close assault require a Reaction Test to see if the squad will make a combat move towards the enemy. If a squad is In Position, it requires a Reaction Test to see if it can move without first removing the In Position (IP) marker. The Stargrunt II rule book does not explain what happens when a squad that is In Position wants to charge into a close assault. The charge must be the first action of the squad, so the squad will not have a chance to remove their IP marker first. So, what happens in this situation?

This house rule is simple: a squad makes a Reaction Test to conduct a close assault as per the close assault rules, but this Reaction Test has a TL of +1 if the charging squad is In Position. That is, a Regular 2 squad would normally have to roll 3 or better to conduct a close assault. If the same squad was In Position, it would have to roll 4 or better.

If the test passes, the In Position marker is removed and the squad makes a combat move towards the enemy as per the usual close assault rules.

If the test is failed, the squad has used up one action but is still In Position. It may not close assault on its second action (as per the usual rules for close assault) but it may use its second action for other actions, including removing the IP marker.