Electronic Warfare Clarification

The rules for Electronic Warfare (EW) counters on page 52 of the Stargrunt II rule book state that when an EW unit is activated it must choose whether to be active or inactive. If active, the unit receives 3 EW counters. Once the counters are used up, the unit is considered to be inactive. The Electronic Warfare rules in the Stargrunt II rule book are vague and feel like they were not properly playtested. There is nothing to indicate if "going active" costs an action, nor is there any mention of any negative consequences of not "going active". The following two options deal with these issues.

Simple Method

When the EW unit (or the unit containing the EW trooper) is activated, the EW unit becomes "Active" and the player gets the 3 EW counters for the EW unit. This does not require the expenditure of an action. The unit goes "Inactive" only after all the counters are used up. It does not take an action to use these counters. The counters are available until the unit is next activated.

This method is simple, and it has the advantage of making the organizations at the end of the rule book viable (many of the organizations in the rule book have the EW trooper attached to the command unit).

Complex Method

Brian Bell contributes most of the following. I added the rule about suppression. This was posted to the GZG mailing list.

  1. It takes an action for an EW unit to become ACTIVE.
  2. When the unit becomes ACTIVE, it receives 3 EW counters. It does not take an action to use these counters. These counters are available until the unit is next activated. Any unused counters are eliminated the next time the EW unit is activated, and the EW unit is considered INACTIVE unless an action is spent to keep it ACTIVE.
  3. If suppressed, an INACTIVE EW unit can not go ACTIVE until the Suppression Marker is removed. Suppression of an ACTIVE EW unit, though, does not effect the use of EW counters.

This rule interpretation is pretty straightforward. By requiring an action to go ACTIVE, there is a reason for an EW to be INACTIVE.

There are no rules for spotting an ACTIVE EW with a passive (INACTIVE) unit. Players may wish to come up with a house rule for this.