Allocating Casualties

When a squad takes potential casualties, you randomly pick members of the squad to see which ones are wounded or killed. The rules are ambiguous as to whether this should include dead and/or wounded figures.

The procedure for allocating hits is to give each figure a number and roll a die equal to the number of members of the squad. If the squad does not have an even number of figures you round up to the nearest die size. So, if the squad has 5 members, you roll a D6. If you roll greater than the number of figures, you go back to the first figure you counted and apply the hit to it. The rule book states, on page 36, that hits are allocated across "members of the squad". The question is, "What constitutes a 'member of the squad'?"

There are four "states" for a figure: unwounded, a casualty (red cross marker; the figure hasn't received medical attention and a Reorganise action hasn't been done on the squad, wounded (white skull marker), and dead (black skull marker). I've always taken "members of the squad" to mean the unwounded, the casualties, and the wounded. I do not allocate hits among the dead.

Until an official ruling is made, make sure that you come to some agreement in your own group as to what constitutes "members of the squad".

Also note that a figure that takes two or more wound hits in one fire resolution is considered dead (page 36 of the rule book, top of column two). This implies that a figure that takes two wound hits in two different fire resolutions is still just wounded.