Vehicle Bail Out Modifications

The Stargrunt II rules are somewhat unclear as to what happens to a squad inside a vehicle when the vehicle is disabled. The rules don't explicitly state whether or not the vehicle's occupants bail out for free, or if the unit must do it on its next activation, or if at all.

The interpretation I use, which was assumed by several people on the GZG mailing list, is that when a vehicle is disabled the squad gets to bail out of the vehicle for free. However, the squad is automatically suppressed once it bails out, due to it having been fired on. As per the vehicle rules, the squad may have to make a morale roll due to sustaining casualties.

If you think that the occupants should sometimes be allowed to stay in a disabled vehicle, see the Remaining in a Disabled Vehicle house rule.

Note that the bail out distance is 6", the same as for a squad disembarking from a vehicle. That is, the unit bailing out may be placed anywhere within 6" of the disabled/destroyed vehicle. However, for a modification to this range, see the Vehicle Loading/Unloading Range modification.