Delta Green M Cell Campaign (2003 – 2010)

Interlude: The Return of M Cell

Previous Session: Winds of Change, Session 7

In 2006, the Crazy 98s decided to take a break from playing Delta Green. The group was interested in trying other games, which prompted a change of games. They always intended to return to Delta Green, or something similar (like Eden Studios' Conspiracy X).

The delay in returning to modern horror roleplaying was a bit longer than expected. A good chunk of the delay resulted from Allan writing This Favored Land, an American Civil War superhero source book for Wild Talents. In 2008, the Crazy 98s (minus Jimmy Pope) went back to Delta Green, this time as members of R Cell back in the late 90s. Instead of the BRP/Call of Cthulhu game system, the group used Arc Dream's One Roll Engine instead.

In mid 2009, Allan joined the Delta Green playtest group. The group was asked to test new combat rules and character generation options found in Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity. When Allan asked the group if they wanted to participate, the others were enthusiastically behind the idea. As Alana said, "I miss the ticky marks."*

Alana also missed Agent MAYA and Jason missed his dearly departed MICHAEL character. The R Cell characters were rooted in the 1990s, but the group wanted to play in the "here and now". This also gave Allan the chance to explore a modern Delta Green organization. The group decided to "reboot" their M Cell campaign, with some minor retconning. Dustin Gulledge joined the group in time to play in their first re-booted M Cell game.

Unfortunately, the campaign didn't last very long. Allan started working on Black Devils Brigade for Arc Dream's Godlike roleplaying game. Jason changed jobs and could no longer visit regularly. A second M Cell campaign began later on minus Jason. Technically that campaign is only on hiatus. We didn't keep notes for write-ups for that campaign.

M Cell, Retconned

All the events in the write-ups up to the death of Agent MICHAEL in The New Age – Part 1: The Prince is Dead, Long Live the Prince, Session 4 happened. In the retconned timeline, Agent MICHAEL was not killed fighting Valiant. Instead, he was badly hurt, requiring an extensive hospital stay and a lengthy period of recuperation. Agent MALCOLM met the other agents in the hospital (their injuries were less serious) and Agent MORGAN took over M Cell.

For reasons that I can not go into right now, the events of Winds of Change may or may not have happened. If you want to know why I'm being so ambiguous, you will have to purchase the upcoming Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity. You can assume that the events did happen, but don't be surprised if I end up retconning a good chunk of that adventure.

Agent MALCOLM disappeared some time in the autumn of 2005. The other agents, and Delta Green in general, do not know what happened to him.

Agent MICHAEL returned to M Cell at the beginning of 2006, bringing the cell back up to full strength.

Agent MORGAN was promoted within the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention in early 2008. His new duties, and his greater influence within the CDC, required him to leave Delta Green as a full time operative. He is now a Delta Green "friendly" and is available for consultation. In recognition for his dedication to Delta Green, he is still nominally a member of M Cell. He retained his "MORGAN" code name and uses it to communicate with other Delta Green agents.

Agent MURPHY was added to M Cell in early 2009. MURPHY's back story and the activities of M Cell in the intervening period between Hurricane Katrina and June, 2009, have been left deliberately vague. Part of this is for plot development purposes, part of it is to make room for the new "Flashback" game mechanic found in Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity.

Agent ALPHONSE was succeeded by Agent ALEX. Agents ADAM and ANDREA remain in their positions.

With this information, you are now ready to follow the further adventures of M Cell.


*All of you BRP players know what this means!