Delta Green Agent Dossiers

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There are two types of characters in roleplaying games: player characters (PCs) and non-player characters (NPCs). Player characters are controlled by the people playing the game (players). NPCs are controlled by the referee (called the "Keeper of Arcane Lore" in Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green, or simply known as the "Keeper").

Delta Green Cell Structure

Characters (PCs and NPCs) belong to a "cell" if they are members of Delta Green. Otherwise they are listed as "Friendlies" or "Contacts".

As the PCs learn more about the Delta Green cell structure and encounter more NPCs, this section will expand.

Delta Green Agents

A Cell

Leader: codename ALEX
Member: codename ADAM
Member: codename ANDREA
Leader: codename ALPHONSE, Dr. Joseph Camp, Conservation Officer for the Library of Congress (pg. 52 of the Delta Green rule book) (died of natural causes)

B Cell

Leader: codename BAXTER, Commander Demitrius French, ONI agent
Member: codename BRENDA
Member: codename BASIL, overseer of Delta Green's facility on Plum Island, MA (KIA while protecting the Delta Green Plum Island facility, July 3, 2004)

I Cell

Leader: codename IAN (Agent MARCUS, pg. 259 of the Delta Green: Countdown rule book)

L Cell

Leader: codename LARRY (pg. 255 of the Delta Green rule book)
Member: codename LINCOLN
Member: codename LYLE

M Cell

Leader: codename MICHAEL, Nicholas Connelly (Jason Gallagher), FBI Special Agent
Member: codename MAYA, Carson Kovac (Alana Goodall), IRS Special Investigator
Member: codename MURPHY, Randall Parker (Dustin Gulledge), ATF Field Agent
Member: codename MALCOLM, Gabriel Dodge (Jason Gallagher), NASA astronomerLincoln Near Earth Asteroid (LINEAR) project (MIA after the successful conclusion of the anti-Majestic 12 New Orleans mission)

N Cell

Leader: codename NEIL (pg. 275 of the Delta Green rule book)
Member: codename NANCY (pg. 57 of the Delta Green rule book)

T Cell

Leader: codename TRAVIS (MIA while investigating a mausoleum in Minnesota, October 21, 2004)
Member: codename TESS (changed into a ghoul sometime after investigating a mausoleum in Minnesota, October 21, 2004; discovered in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 31, 2005)

Delta Green Friendlies