The "Green Box"

M Cell heading into a 'green box' (56K)

Image 1: M cell heading into a "green box". A "green box" is Delta Green slang for a storage locker used to store equipment after a mission. Whenever a cell goes to a city they can request access to the local "green box", if there is one, and make use of the equipment there. It also gives the agents a convenient place to store equipment and supplies after a mission.

M cell is, from left to right, Agent MORGAN, CDC Investigator/Researcher (Jimmy Pope); Agent MICHAEL, FBI Special Agent (Jason Gallagher); and Agent MAYA, IRS inspector (Alana Goodall).

M Cell after they get their equipment from the 'green box' (67K)

Image 2: M cell, after they get their gear. This picture captures M Cell after they have left the "green box" with their borrowed equipment.

The photographs were taken by Allan Goodall, with a Nikon F-601 SLR on Kodak 200 film.