Call of Cthulhu Photographs

This page contains Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green themed photographs. Specifically, these are photographs of the Crazy 98s. At some point I'll include picturs of my painted collection of Call of Cthulhu miniatures.

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the pictures. Some links lead to multiple pictures.

Delta Green M Cell

The Crazy 98s as members of Delta Green's M Cell.

Agent MAYA wigs out

Agent MAYA Wigs Out - A fairly typical occurrence after M cell encounters elements of the Mythos (1 picture).

Agent MORGAN treats Agent MAYA

Agent MORGAN Treats Agent MAYA - Agent MORGAN treats Agent MAYA after she inexplicably passed out (1 picture).

The Crawlspace

The Crawlspace - Agent MICHAEL checks out a crawlspace, gun drawn (2 pictures).

The Graveyard

The Graveyard - Agents MICHAEL, MORGAN, and MAYA investigate a graveyard at night (1 picture).

The Green Box

The "Green Box" - M cell heads for a "green box" (2 pictures).

The Hallway

The Hallway - M cell searches for something in a dark hallway (5 pictures).

The Keeper

The Keeper - The Crazy 98s' Keeper (GM) (1 picture).

Cell M breaks in

M Cell Breaks In - M cell doing what comes naturally... breaking into locked places (3 pictures).

Mysterious wall

Mysterious Wall - M cell inspects a wall with strange properties (2 pictures).